FRP Square type Cooling Tower

Square type FRP Cooling Towers are very high in heat transfer capacity, having nozzle type distribution system with bottom water collecting basin. These types are suitable for low quantity heat removal applications.

Water Softening Plant

Water tends to be hard when the presence of Calcium and Magnesium is more than the desired level.This leads to scaling and also interfere with the action of soap or detergent.This scaling, over a period of time accumulates on heat exchanger fins or piping etc thereby reduces the heat exchange capacity, reduction of flow respectively, With our water softening plant we remove the non volatile Calcium and Magnesium by ion exchange method.

Counter Flow Multi Cell Cooling Tower

In counter flow type cooling Tower, the air flow is directly opposite to that of water.Air first enters an open area beneth the fill media and is then drawn up vertically.The water is sprayed through pressurized nozzle and flows downward through the fill, opposite to the air flow

Cross Flow Cooling Tower

In Cross Flow Cooling Tower, the fill arrangement is in such a way that the air current moves horizontal to the movement of water. Gravity distributes the water through the nozziles uniformely across the fill material. A hot water basin consisting of deep pan with holes or nozziles in the bottom is utilized in a cross flow tower.

FRP Round Type Cooling Tower

This type of cooling Towers are mainly corrosion resistant and having steel like strength which can withstand vibration and wind velocity. Casing is fabricated in segments with aerodynamic shape to ensure best heat transfer performance.

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